I demand thunderstorms, NOW!



You got some more space in that fridge of yours? I want a cool place to sit for a while!


Move your chair to the server room... that should be cool enough to make it through the day.

I just went to the shop and the bill was just over 28 euro. Is that important, you might wonder... it is not, but out of the 13 things that I bought, 9 were liquid and drinkable. I think that might shed a light as to how friggin' hot I find it here.

Quick overview :

1 bottle of martini (75 cl)
1 pack of water (6x1.5 liter) - will last till thursday, maybe
2 bottles of applejuice (2x1 liter)
1 bottle of wodka (smirnoff, 75cl)
1 bottle of orange juice (1 liter)
2 bottles of soy-based drinks (2x1 liter)
1 bottle of milk (1 liter)
3 bottles of soy based desert (3x0.5 liter) - I use it as breakfast
1 pineapple

By the time I'm done writing this, the first bottle of applejuice - in combination with 10 icecubes - will be gone. I was thirsty, what can I say?

Note : temperature is now up to 32�C/89�F


dammed i was so stupid to drink a half a bottle of white wine (sancere) now i'm even more sweaty and hot. If this weather continue to be so hot i'm going to be mouldy by the end of the week

Soy based? You like dosing your body with synthetic female hormones? You don't want children then? Seriously, that stuff causes developmental defects in young boys and lowers fertility in adult men. It's not very good for non-menopausal females either.

I've been waiting for a few years now for the research to reach current media and a health scandal along the lines of the one brewing up around hormone replacement therapy and certain types of the pill to appear. It just seems we've been distracted over the past few years by all the other crap going on. But results are stacking up, the public will end up being told eventually.

Plus it tastes gross.

I don't have your email here at the moment but I want to ask you if you are going to Pukkelpop ? Why ? Because probably I'm going and it would be fun if we could meet and you can stay at my home (is very close remember).

... Just came out the serverroom to say hello to friedkitten LOL *runs back to the 22�C serverroom*

I thought soy was good for you? Just asking coz i love soy sprouts and soy sauce... I never drink those soy-based drinks and desserts though. Can you tell me more about it Shelley?

And oh yeah... it's HOOOOOTTTTTT lol *goes to get more water and wishes she had a 22� celsius-server room*

Too much Soy isn't good for anyone except possibly a women going through menopause, and it's not good for males at all. It's full of female hormines. This is pushed as a good thing but it's not. Which is why I'm saying I've been waiting for the backlash, cos we're being fed bullshit right now.

As it is male fertility in many western countires (including both Belgium and New Zealand) are lower than they were a generation ago, most likely due to the increased oestrogen and progesterone in the drinking water from all the women on the pill (it comes out when you pee and makes it's way into the water table *nods*)

I don't have access to journal databases right now cos I'm not enrolled at Uni and to be honest I'm really not motivated to do research anyway. But spend some time with Medline, it's all there.

The moral of the story: don't believe advertising. Because I'm not kidding when I say we're being told bullshit right now. It's not as bad as it was a few years ago, in NZ anyway, because some ads pushing the benefits of Soy got pulled since they had no scientific backing. Sadly their message lingers on.

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