is what I am right this minute. About thirty minutes ago I noticed that one of the ferrets was making weird noises and when I checked it turned out Happy was having another attack. It's been a while since the last one but I still have everything that I can use to counter his illness nearby. I grabbed him, did a quick check and administered him his medication.

He didn't want to eat it - as I already predicted since he's been giving me problems taking it for the past week - but after a few tries I was able to feed him his meds. I also added some brewersyeast and prednisolone in sugared-up water. I'm under the impression that even though I've done what I can now, he might not be there when I wake up in the morning. I feel so helpless, it's hard to realize that with all our intellect we still cannot prevent death and suffering. If he is OK'ish in the morning I'll decide what the next step is, if he has not shown any signs of improvement, I'm asking the vet to come over and stop the suffering.

I can't have any of my ferrets live on in pain, just because I cannot handle the fact that every life comes to an end at some point. It's gonna break my heart, but as a responsible ferret owner I will do what is necessary and best for my fuzzies. I might sound to the point and pretty straight forward right now, but let me tell you, I'm am in tears right now. My heart bleeds and at the same time I know I'll make the right choice tomorrow.

Oh, don't take this personal, but I've turned off commenting for this post. I know some people may want to wish Happy and I good luck, but it won't help us one bit. That's not being harsh, it's just being realistic. These are things I have to go through by myself. Thanks for your understanding.

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