Fuzzies need stuff.

I just got off the phone with Annie from BFL concerning the ferret hotel and the fact that it was fully booked. They'll put the boys (Max & Bono) downstairs, Happy gets to stay in his carrier and the girls (Plush and Tisha) can stay with their own ferrets. I also passed them my order for ferret things to make sure everything is in when I pick them back up on the 22nd.

My order : 10kg of ferret food - 12 kg of litter (yesterdays news) - large bottle of ferretone. It'll be expensive but since I'm there anyway I better pick up what I need.

Now I'm off to the shopping mall to get myself some new clothes (sales started on tuesday) and some ferret food so the fuzzies have something to eat till July 22nd. I also ordered 5 shirts from BMEshop yesterday and they should be arriving in 2 or 3 weeks, so I don't need to get those in the mall.

Oh, if you didn't check out Sluggy Freelance yet - I've linked to it in the previous post - then you might wanna do so... it has an easily distracted ferret called Kiki in it!

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