Crappy weather!


Damn, it's currently 30�C outside (around 86�F) and waaay to hot for me. I'd like to lower todays temperature at least 5 degrees and those to the temperature on friday. Yepz... it's been a very nice week so far, but the weekend we go to Durbuy, they expect rain and thunderstorms. At least it won't be that hot, but hey... mountain climbing in the rain might not be so much fun, on the other hand, quad riding in the rain - or when it's been raining - is a blast :)

Oh well, I guess it's a typical belgian weather : you either have everything, or nothing. A nice mixture of the two would be more appreciated though.

Oh, I took Bono, Max and Happy to the vet yesterday, and they all checked out good. Bono & Max had to get their yearly shots, Happy was there for a follow-up check. Today they are also having a lot of difficulties with the heat, but I've taken some measures to lower the temperature as far as possible without creating a draft or make them sick. They played in/with/around a bowl of fresh water earlier, it's quite messy but some of them like to stick their nose deep into the bowl and look around. Trying to hunt the icecubes is a fun game too... especially coz they never manage to catch one :)


if you are looking for me, i'm in the freezer, somewhere between the ice-cream and the ice cold beers. If you are looking for my butt, that's stuck in the baby pool LOL ...pfffff wat een hitte.

No, I sure don't like working in these circumstances.

Hope your quad race will cool you off !! Nope I don't like this kind of heat either, give me a sauna and afterwards a cool jump in ice-cold water. Ref. 'The fox lakes' ;)

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