Boiling Fuzzies


33�C / 91�F right now and it's close to 15h00. I suspect temperature can rise about 1 or 2 degrees higher. I've taken very much measures to cool the ferrets as much as possible, as they are really suffering in this heat. Frozen bottles of water, wet towels, a fan has gotten the temperature down to 28�C for the time being.

The weather forcast is talking about pretty big thunderstorms later tonight and tomorrow, and I can only hope that those will bring an end to the heatwave for at least a day. If not, I won't be able to drive the heat out of the apartment, which would suck bigtime.

I really don't care that I feel bad, annoyed and irritated because of the heat, because I'm human an can do something about it myself. I know the heat will go away sooner or later, but my fuzzies don't know that. There's nothing they can do about it themselves, so that makes me even more responsible. Which also is the reason that they've got the fan close to their cages, and I'm sweating my ass off without any cool air. Such is life :)

Note : I've just installed Mozilla Firebird 0.6, which differs from the full Mozilla Suite (which includes usenet, mail etc). As far as I can tell the Firebird package is only a browser, and based on an XUL core. Does that mean anything? Yes, that I've got too much spare time. But since the Mozilla suite will be moving to Firebird anyway, I decided to see what all the fuzz was about. My first impression : Firebird is much alike Mozilla, yet a bit different.


Yes, the thunderstorms will make it cool off some. at least that's what I heard on the radio. And the next few days will be cooler too, along with some more showers. The weekend is supposed to be sunny again, but so far no talk of exotic temperatures like today.

*feels like a weatherman now*

Thanks for the live weather forcast Nadia! You should replace Sabine Balkon van de Balkan :)

... left the serverroom and runs back again ...

Nadia's the best hehehe so is Dimi :D

Yesterday, Mozilla decided it didn't want to open for me anymore. WTF is up with that, yo??? Well, I decided that now is as good a time as any to upgrade to Mozilla 1.4, right!?!

48% and loading....

That's pretty strange indeed Ash! However, if you want to avoid a really long download, grab the Mozilla Firebird version... it's only 7MB instead of 12 or so.

Let me know if you get it to work again. Maybe a disk-space problem?

Hey guys, talking about Mozilla. Sorry ServMe but I think your dad is right. Mozilla s*cks... It screwed up the webinterface of our company's mailboxes. After opening in Mozilla I was obliged to re-apply the webinterface. The strange thing though is that everything works ok in Netscape - which uses the same engine -. Also in Operah no problems only Mozilla. So what's your opinion about this?

Dimi, how can a browser screw up a webinterface? It just displays whatever is coded on the page, so it should have no effect on the code itself. Send me a link (preferably by mail I suppose) where I can take a look at that interface, and I'll see if I can find out why it doesn't display correct in Mozilla.

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