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See? Getting up early yesterday has messed up my sleeping schedule completely! I mean, it's only 08h00 right now and I'm awake and out of my bed - on a saturday?!

Oh well... Just before I hopped out of bed I had a dream that was pretty funny I think. I don't remember the details, but it involved a bunch of friends and we were at the airport or a big terminal of some kind and suddenly one of the friends comes running from the reservation desk yelling that we need to be somewhere to pick up the porsche that we booked and we had only a minute or so. I remember running under a huge display that said xx hours and 38 minutes and we had to be there at xx hours and 39 minutes.

We ran off through the terminal, going left and right to avoid all the "normal" travellers and slid down stairs to be faster, in the mean time racing eachother. Only seconds apart from eachother we arrived in another huge place and there were stairs and escalators everywhere. One of us noticed that we needed to be 2 floors up - up to that point we had always been sliding down - so we scrammed and for some reason everyone headed off in a different direction, convinced that their path of choice would be the fastest.

I ran up to a huge escalator and when I jumped up I noticed the thing was down down while I wanted to go up... Suddenly there was laughter all over the place as we started crossing eachother's paths, one going up, another one going down, but generally speaking everyone was going in the wrong direction. You could see one sliding down an escalator at a neck breaking pace, while someone else was running up and thus not advancing at all.

That's when I woke up. I don't remember if we made it in time to that porsche that we rented, but I don't think it's important. I feel that it was a fun experience, racing with the friends, breaking all rules and doing crazy things.

Even though I don't recall any names or faces that appeared in the dream, I do know it was a group of friends where I would do exactly such things with.

So... Joco, Jess : have you been race-sliding down escalators and stairs in your dream as well?

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porsche ?
must have been me indeed ;)

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