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One thing I received this morning in the mail (bought it on ebay) and one thing I got in the shop (a few days back) and finished today. It's up to you to figure out what description goes where :

Bodies of SubversionSmirnoff Ice - This shit is dangerous, but oh so tasty!

I'm also expecting a CD from the Blues Brothers... And there'll be more Smirnoff Icing :)

PS : Smirnoff Ice has one unfortunate side effect - singing along with MP3's, loud and probably out of tone. In order to know what I'm "singing", take a look on the right side of the screen in my Last 3 Songs section.


Ah, The Blues Brothers! I love them! We saw them a few years ago at the Belgium Rhythm and Blues Festival in Peer. http://www.break-away.be/.

Yeah, they totally rock - although that's maybe a bit of a weird expression about a blues band!

I'm getting Red, White and Blues from them. Already got Briefcase full of Blues and erm... another one :)

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