Wassup today?

After all the difficulties I had yesterday in regard to the blog, I somehow didn't get to blogging today. The weather is very good, yet I still have to take my first step outside. I'm a nerd, remember?

I just started the transfer of another domain name (securityassistance.be) to my new registrar in order to consolidate accounts and lower costs. I also kick myself in the ass so hard that I ironed some laundry - something I hate with a passion. I didn't do all of it, as that would be too easy, but I'm advancing here. Everybody gimme a cheer!

Tomorrow the people of the energy company are coming over to replace the meter, on friday I got to work on a PC and do some other shit, satruday I'll be at the Na Fir Bolg folk-festival and on sunday we've got a meeting with everybody of the tablesoccer team. In other words : during the weekend I'll be hanging out with my superb friends and wonderful family.

Update : I just contacted the energy company and they couldn't get me a time yet when the swap is planned. They'll contact me when they know more. It'll be happening in the afternoon. Good, then I can sleep in :)

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