The saga continues

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I just received an answer from Nuon regarding the question I had mailed to Nuon, Wattplus, Electrabel and Luminus on June 24th. Here is in short the information I received and the date I received it.

Electrabel : Complete answer with pricing information (June 25th)
Wattplus : Never answered
Luminus : Rather complete answer (July 2nd)
Nuon : Rather complete answer embedded in commercial info (July 26th)

Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore I guess as I've practically made my decision.

Nuon is out of the question because of the (positive) discrimination I wrote about here, Wattplus never answered my question - nor did the latter ever reply to my request for a proposal.

Luminus would be my preference, even if it only was to help Esther and Stijn to keep their new jobs (they started a new carreer at Luminus) but when looking at the bigger picture, they can't compete with the new pricing policy of Electrabel.

One supplier not mentioned here is Ecopower - of which I also possess stock - but they are not yet able to supply everyone and will probably not be able to do so before september 2003. Otherwise they would probably have gotten my business as they have nothing but environmentally friendly energy.

In an unrelated matter, take a look at FAUX News (aka agitproperties) - they are being sued by FOX News and received a cease-and-desist order to shut down their website. Why I ask you? The answer is simple... FOX News has the financial means to sue, and basically, they're stuck up bastards.

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I guess Fox doesn't have a sense of humor, despite the good comedy series they make.

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