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After reading Kapil's additional information regarding the BS robot reporting my page as not running the required BS ad, I did some test. Kapil claimed it loads too slow, and I must admit that is I write several entries a day, the amount of data that needs to be loaded is indeed rather high.

In order to improve stability and loading speed - one also has to think about the less fortunate that don't have cable or DSL access - I've changed some things around.

Instead of connecting to 4 different servers to successfully load the page, I've moved one image to my own server, and brought the required connections back to 3. It might seem nothing, but it should shave of a few milliseconds of the loading time.

The total amout of GFX loaded was just over 16,5 kilobytes, and due to some finetuning I brought it back to 13,5 kilobytes. Once again, not much but...

I kept 14 days worth of entries listed on my front page before they were moved to the archive, and I've cut that down to 7 now. The archives are pretty obvious to find, so it's shouldn't cause too much problems for anyone. The amount of data saved by that depends on the amount of posts I did, but right now it got rid of a nice 40 kilobytes. Reported loading times are now as follows :

14.4k - 66.13 seconds
28.8k - 36.07 seconds
56k - 21.30 seconds
ISDN (128k) - 17.76 seconds
T1 (1.44 MB) - 6.60 seconds

If it loads on a 56K modem in under 25 seconds, it'll do for me. I might do some other tweaks later on, but bringing the page up to XHTML standards, as well as including alternative texts and controls for blind people using read-aloud software has it's implications. I'm just not willing to cut into either of those two. In fact, I'm doing a whole lot more than most webmasters do. After all, I'm not blind and I'm on a 3.3 megabit connection, so loading times or support for the visually impaired don't really concern me. It's just that I'm so damn nice ;)

Note : Phyre Bitzsche, I was fired about 2.5 months ago when the company I worked for went bankrupt. Apart from 7 months of severance pay, I am also claiming 4.5 months of pay I didn't get, and such.

The fund I'm referring to is enstated by the government to pay employees that claim the money from the company, but where there is nothing to be sold. In that case, the fund pays the employee, within reason and limitations. It could however take 1 to 2 years before one actually gets anything.


Thanks for the refresher! I wish you the best of luck in claiming what's owed.
And now, at the risk of being annoying, a completely unrelated [set of] question[s]:
Is English your native language? If not, do you tend to write in English to serve a larger audience, and is it really just as easy for you?
America is not very impressive when it comes to linguistics. From what I've been taught, I could survive in France, and have rocks thrown at me in Germany.

Your page has always been the slowest loading on my reads list and it still is even with my 128kb adsl :-P Which I always found odd since it's not graphically intense or anything. I just blamed it on the redirect or the large amount of text.

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