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OK... it seems the server move triggered the Control Panel to now correctly report my diskspace used. Where I had 50MB left on the old CP, it now reported the effectively used diskspace : 144MB! My account only comes with 125MB - something I thought I'd never be able to fill - so I'm in a bit of trouble right now.

My host has been so nice to increase my diskspace to a whopping 165MB just for now so I can keep on posting and remove files, or keep the extra allocations and pay more for it.

Not entirely to my suprise, the diskspace hoggers are the photoalbums that I recently added. I'm currently working on a temporary solution to bring down file sizes, but I fear I'll have to delete all albums and upload them again some day. This would also loose all captions already added, and since it's close to 700 pics online now I don't feel like doing all that work again.


need discspace ?
i mean webspace
i can fill you in with another 50 megs at least

might even get you some more when asking peter

Problem is that unless I rewrite all current posts or the gallery, it's not that easy to access all the files from a different server. A lot of scripts require the data on the same server in order to prevent malicious things happening.

I've tuned the site a bit now and might go for the increased webspace after all, or even upgrade the account to an S2000 instead of the current B1000 that I have.

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