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what it is that bothers you most when you go online, surf websites or send and receive e-mail. I think I can make a top 5 without even thinking, especially since most of the things have been taken care of. This would be my all time top 5 though :

1. Spam.
2. Acquaintances sending me hoaxes.
3. Lame ass friendship-, chain- or "help this poor person" letters.
4. Pop up and Pop under windows while surfing.
5. Websites that only render correctly in any version of IE.

Some things I've solved or are more or less under control...

Hoax warning senders usually get a straight to the point answer that they should either inform themselves correctly, or shut the fuck up (I always enclose the correct information, since tellling a dumbass to shut up doesn't help too much although it can be very rewarding. Education is the only answer).

Lame ass friendship, chain and help mails go straight to the trashcan, if I wanted to spread friendship and things like that, I would call you, or hang out. I don't care about chainletters and 99,9% of those "this person needs your help" mails are scams, hoaxes or just regular bullshit.

Pop-ups and things like that are controlled thanks to my browser, and to be honest... people that code IE only pages lose my business/visit or support. It's like building huge stairs and then say "you can only get to the top if you climb the stairs. If you are in a wheelchair, bad luck." No one would accept that in the real world, would they? Yet things like that happen every second on the web.

The difference is that I chose to move around - webwise - in a full option standard compliant wheelchair, and the mass of websurfers have no clue about rules, standards or nettiquette.

So... what's your internet related top 5 of annoying things?


Gotta tell ya, it's the same list in a different order: 5,3,2,4,1.
I don't get much spam at all (see, and Opera fixes my popups.

1. Getting spam mails telling me my penis should growth

2. Having to pay for services now that have been free of charge for ages

3. Virusses/Hoax and other scam

4. Having to pay for sex sites

5. Slow speed of connection(i want a 20mb line )

1. Spam (prob nr 1 for almost everyone)
2. offline messages on yahoo saying i have to forward this message to everyone in my list or my account will be deleted
3. 35,000 pop-ups after clicking only 1 link (or just stupid pop-ups in general)
4. chain letters
5. not being able to find the exact info due to too much bullshit on the web (semantic web, come quick please!!!)

1. porn pop-ups that open when I click my desktop
2. email from companies that I've requested a paper catalog from and specifically requested NOT to recieve their email offers.
3. connecting at 4800 bps
4. when favorite websites close up shop
5. spam from super sneaky address like , and

#5 should have read: spam from super sneaky addresses like "mailer daemon" and "syntax error"

ASh : about the porn popups when you click your desktop... that sounds like spyware.

Install Ad-aware and let it run. Download from and install. It's free for personal use.

At the moment, my 'Tiscali Anytime' dial up has the annoying habit of disappearing whilst I am surfing, blogging etc.
This really pisses me off - big time :-(

Popups don't bother me for some reason and I don't tend to go to pages with them anyway. My personal email address gets no spam at all and never has and the other ones are throw away. I change them every two weeks or so. And even then they really only generate spam if I leave them on these stupid MT blogs that ask for an email addresss (note the fake address attached to this post). And I don't get those other stupid chainletter hoax type things because I just don't give my "real" email address to people that stupid. Seriously, even old friends of mine get trialed on another address for a while first before I tell them about the real one.

My main hate is low contrast pages. It's going out of fashion again now thank god but for ages I was getting really sore eyes from trying to peer at dark beige text on a beige background, or similar. Very small unscalable fonts are the same. I stopped reading some websites for a while til their owners changed them, even though they were run by friends of mine. I don't care how 'pretty' a site is, if it's there to present information then that information should be accessable.

Then stuff like bad navigation, opening in a new window for no reason, just plain ugly to the point it hurts my eyes, all the usual bad design shit. This bothers me much more than the occasional popup and will literally drive me away.

Someone asked to join my clique once with a website that had a slight blur filter on all the words. Um, hello? I don't think so. I told them the reason too, turned them down because their website was too damn ugly. Why would someone purposefully blur their entire website?

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