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While I was working on finetuning, I stumbled accross quite some interesting sites that have to do with blogging and list blog resources. An excellent start is Blog Impressario and while going over their huge resource list - with comments for each and every one of them! - I singled out GeoURL, Popdex, Blizg, BlogBigger, YooNoHoo! as well as RSS-Search.

Oh... and I requested information at the "Biblioth�que Royale de Belgique" (in plain english the Royal Belgian Library) concerning getting an ISSN number for - insanity included. After all, this has been a steady publication since august 2001, so I might as well get an official number for it. If approved - and it should be since it does fit all the requirements - it would mean you can just walk over to any library, and ask them to search for's ISSN number.

Update : After browsing even further, I should also add Blogwise and Blog of the Day to the list of cool resources.


This has nothing to do with your post, but... How was the matrix reloaded?? lol

It rocked... I'm convinced there is a much deeper plot as most people believe/see but I'm not going to discuss it right now, since Joco for instance still has to see it.

My suggestion? Watch The Matrix again before you go see TMR, and watch that one twice. I only saw it once, but a second viewing will only confirm what I know now I guess.

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