Small big country


I'm talking about that small country called Belgium. Practically the center of the European Union, known for it's often impossible to comprehend compromises and chocolate.

And today all camera's are once again zooming in on another succesful Belgian export product (with no disrespect whatsoever) : Kim Clijster and Justine Henin playing the Roland Garros Grand Slam final. Whatever happens, Belgium wins :)

Serena got killed off by Justine and Kim slaughtered Petrova... Such a small country, yet we've got a WTA top 2 and top 4 player. I think we're doing pretty well!

So far this year, Kim and Justine have already played eachother three times, resulting in a 2-1 lead for Kim. What today will bring is not yet know, but it'll be an interesting match. I think Kim has a slight psychological advantage due to the winning streak she's on in regards to playing Justine.

Links : Kim Clijsters - Justine Henin-Hardenne


Not exactly an exciting match! The first set was even boring. A very brief moment there was a bit of excitement but it didn't last very long. Guess Kim was nog really in a good shape the other day. Hopefully she'll do better in Wimbledon! Justine on the other hand played the game almost completely perfect! But as you already mentioned: no need to complaim cause Belgium has won the tournement anyway (but my Limburg-roots are indeed a little bit disappointed)! Europe definetely knows now where Belgium is and what it stands for: first nearly won the songcontest, now won a tennis tournement! Next wimbledon and the tour de france?

Justine was GREAT!! Kim wasn't exactly in shape, but she'll do better in Wimbledon !

Anyway great achievment, Justine !!

PS: Did you allready pass the link of this great site to Justine & Kim?

Marianne : Is there even such a thing as a Belgian Tour De France team? (I wouldn't know... I don't really follow TDF)

Dimi : Feel free to send the link to them :)

I don't follow the TDF either! But there usually some Belgians in that bike-race, no? Anyway, it doesn't mather, I usually have some more interesting things to do during july than watching TV!

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