To everyone who is inside now, working hard, I send my greets.

It's wonderful outside, especially when riding the bike through the park. A balanced mixture of sun and shadow, slight breeze going through my hair - although that last part can't be correct - while pushing the pedals. The wheels spinning, leaves and tiny branches cracking as you run over them. The birds whistling and the scent of nature filling your nostrils.

Alas, fear not! The workforce has noise computers, blinding copymachines and curious bosses. I bet that is worth something too.


Sounds beautiful. Thanks for the lovely image.

LOL, Ik ben terug bij met lezen ;)
UK version: I am back with reading



LOL Dimi, you should make your own "UK version dictionary" Anyway, it was a lovely image and made me wish I had ridden my bike through the park here as well (or better the "vesten" as they call it here) It's a lovely trail, taking about 30 minutes to go completely around the center of town.

You mean you've caught up Dimi? Good... then I can get back to a posting frenzy.

Yes, I was holding back, to make sure you'd be able to catch up ;)

Nadia, then maybe you should organize some kind of a bike happening after you've completed all the exams?

I'm sure Bob & Hilda would love to ride their bikes too... especially Bobke.

Sounds great actually. There's a lot of bike trails here. I should go by the tourism office and ask if they have a map or something of all those trails. And then Hilda can finally use her bicycle lol

Count me in guys for this bike day, week or weekend!! Yesterday I did a short tour through Limburg of 32,4 km. Started in Sint-Lambrechts-Herk (logical he), then up to ALken-Terkoest -> ALken, Beurs, Ulbeek, Wellen, Alken -> Sint-Lambrechts-Herk.

In other words : Dimi got lost for 32,4 kilometers and it took him a while to find the way back home ;)

ServMe, you really know your 'pappenheimers'!

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