that tells you everything you didn't wanna know in the first place? Good!

Coz today I'm linking to Loituma, a young Finnish quartet that combines the Finnish vocal tradition with the exquisite sounds of the kantele (Finnish harp). There you go... you didn't see that one coming, did you?

Neither did I... whahaha! I'm listening to track number 10 on their album called Things Of Beauty right now, and it's called Ievan Polka (Ieva's Polka in english) and even tough - or probably exactly because - I don't understand a word of it, i find it utterly hilarious!

Remember... you read about it first at!


Finnish?? No comment >.>
or better: niikskii commiientaarniiiiii :p

now i'm gonna tell you something you probably didn't wanna know in the first place! the twins in matrix reloaded are from the uk and before finding fame as white dreadlocked boys they were DIY men on a crap daytime tv show! the best thing is they wore matching dungarees! priceless.

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