Red, White & Blues baby!

I just got the Blues Brothers Band album "Red, White & Blues" in the mail! It even came with jewel case and all, while I didn't ask nor pay for it. I suppose shipping was cheaper for the seller so he decided to include it?

I searched the web quickly for a picture of the cover of that CD, but couldn't find it anywhere. Coversamples of most albums, but none of this one, so I decided to put it online myself. And I'll put a full tracklisting on as well... because I'm that nice, yes I am.

The Blues Brothers Band - Red, White & Blues

01. You Got The Blues (3:26)
02. Red, White & Blues (3:51)
03. Can't Play The Blues (In An Air-Conditioned Room) (3:12)
04. Early In The Morning (3:36)
05. One Track Train (4:14)
06. Boogie Thing (3:37)
07. Never Found A Girl (5:49)
08. Trick Bag (4:24)
09. Take You And Show You (4:09)
10. Big Bird (4:56)

Anyway, it's blasting through the speakers now and so far, I like it. It does miss some of the power of the other albums though, but that might be due to the fact that this 1992 album only has "Elwood Blues" (Dan Aykroyd) in one track - Can't Play The Blues In An Air-Conditioned Room - nor is John Belushi playing with the band.

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