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I've just been hanging around a bit today. Slept in late - caused by getting to bed way too late - and then played some computer games. Did some shopping for food and I should really take care of some banking business too, but that'll probably mean I gotta get over to the town I used to live.

I've been convinced all day long that it was monday, but around 19h00 I came to a definitive conclusion : I was wrong. The mailman had nothing interesting to drop in my snail mail box, although I'm expecting quite some things. Very strange indeed.

What else is new... Joco asked me for the Matrix Reloaded OST CD, but the FTP has been messing up for the past few days - ever since new soft was installed I think - and all uploads just keep on failing. Oh well.

Usenet has been acting up as well, randomly getting disconnected from the server and of course the ISP status page reports no problems. Well, to be honest, I didn't even bother looking.

I guess I should get to bed earlier today, but I think I won't be able to do it... it really takes a lot of convincing myself to do things like that. On the other hand, it would mean I get up earlier and can do things in the morning. Yikes... morning :)

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I don't have a clue either what day or time it is. I think that's normal if you are unemployed.

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