that my timeshedules are totally fucked up. It's just a few minutes past midnight, and I'm gonna make myself some food. If I'm correctly, I ate some chcolate soy pudding this morning and then had some candy in the afternoon. So I guess this it my first real meal today. Although it technically is a meal I had to had yesterday.

See what I mean? og well, I've had weird times when it comes to food anyway... ever since the day I worked a job on the road. It might not be too healthy, but I don't mind it. I'll eat when I suddenly think about it... like now ;)


Smakelijk! :-)

SMOSKE! Can you tell that's the only word I know in Dutch? :) Oh, that, and kattepis, but I don't think I spelled that right...

You did spell that correctly Ash :)

However, "kattepis" is usually used to refer to things that either taste bad or like nothing at all. And I'm not into eating that kind of food in the middle of the night ;)


Whahahaha... Joco, you don't know what a good beer tastes like. You drink Kriek, such a sweet sticky beer, yikes! :)

i drink whatever i can get my hands on my friends

Aye, I want to try some authentic Belgian beer! I hear it's almost as good as Jell-O shots? The closest I've come to Belgian beer would be Amstel Light. I've looked for the Hoegaarden at the import beer shop, but they'd never heard of it. Any others I should look for?

Fly over here and you can drink all belgian beers you want :)

Hey, Kriek is a good beer. Especially Lindemans hmmm!!! Although a Blonde Leffe can be very tasty at times as well... oh crap, i should be studying, not thinking about beer oops

Lindemans and tindemans kriek are the best
geuze ain't bad either
but don't try hoegaarden kattepisse

Time schedules it happens LOL, I like Leffe Blond a lot ;) the later in the evening the better it tastes, you should try it ;)

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