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I figured out what the problem with the upload was : I was clicking the wrong button :)

So... three albums have already been created, one has complete captions, the other two don't. I may add captions for some of the pictures, but certainly not for all of them. More albums will be added later on.

These albums are however not open for everyone. If you want to be able to view them, you should just send me a mail - by now you should know how to get in touch with me - and ask for an account. If you are a regular reader, I'll know you and you'll receive the URL and account details by mail within 24 hours. If I notice that accounts are shared or passed on or details posted anywhere, this thing will be gone sooner than you can say "oh shit".

If you wonder why I decided to limit access to this new function, here are a few reasons : it contains personal photo's, and there still is a difference between running a "public" blog and running a public photo album. Apart from that, it can consume a whole lot of bandwidth, and while I have quite a lot, it is not unlimited.

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