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Wow... I got my first free newspaper today! Wait, let me tell you from the start. A few weeks back, My dad, Dimi and I went to TMAB where we were asked by some nice hostesses to participate in a chance to win a mobile phone. We filled out the forms and apparently, we also signed up for a free one month subscription to "De Standaard".

Last week I got a letter stating that starting today I'd be getting De Standaard in my (snail) mailbox every day till the 22nd of July. And indeed, when I opened the box, there was a newspaper in it... partially. I only got pages 13 to 24, which happen to be the sports section. People that know me, know that I skip that section all the time, so todays newspaper is basically pretty useless to me. Dimi, dad, did you also get a partial newspaper today?

I could of course call the publisher and ask them what is going on, but to be honest, I can't be bothered.

Now I'm gonna call Electrabel and ask them about the status of my request for a new meter, and check out their new pricing.


Still have to check my mailbox. But friday I received a letter from 'De Standaard' that the paper will be available in my mailbox almost each day (except weekends) in between my mail.

Yes! Got it!!

Complete one?

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