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Damn... my right wrist still hurts. Remember I told you I took the bike for a spin on friday? While riding out of my garage, I cut a corner a little short and promptly ended up besides my bike. No major damage done I thought - apart from a little bruising and scratches on my leg - and the wrist that hurt a little.

In fact, it was so minor I decided to go riding the bike anyway. It's just that after 2 days it still hurts, and I might ahve sprained a muscle. I should let it rest, but when working on this evil computer all day, it doesn't get much of that. Oh well... It'll heal.

Got a call from Jess earlier on, she's babysitting Alex, and she told me he's been very good and he even listened when she said he couldn't do - insert no unwated behaviour here - and he even draws... on a paper, not on the cupboards, floors and wallpaper. Must be because he's elsewhere :)

She also reported that acquaintances of ours are having computer problems. I listened to a brief - and possibly not completely correct - description of the error that occured, but couldn't find any reference to it on the web. The fact that I don't even know what OS they're running might have something to do with it though. I asked her to have them call me and give me first-hand information on the error if it happens again. If I can't solve it by phone - something that I always attempt to do first - I'll have them bring the thing over and so I can take a closer look at it.

Hey... I can certainly use the cash ;)

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Freak accident today while fixing friends computer, a hand that was already damaged through severe physical trauma was completely disabled during routine maintenance activity, clinical experts hold little hope of a full recovery and suggest somewhat critically that should that hand have been examined and cared for prior to the accident it would still be working today.... :) Go that hand!

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