On my sandwich, Yes. In my mailbox, No!

While in Europe and the USA new laws and regulations concerning spam are brought into effect, spammers are being jailed, and large ISPs get - even more - fed up with spam and all problems it causes, so far the flock of unsuspecting sheep also known as surfers, are a long way from home.

On an average day I receive about one hundred e-mails in my various mailboxes. About 1% to 5% of those mails are things I actually want to read, or requested. After installing MailWasher - often referred to in the past - I've now added yet another layer of defence : POPfile. A freeware open source project that acts like a proxy between your mailclient and the mailserver of your ISP.

Quick overview :

1. Your mailclient tries to connect to the ISP mailserver
2. POPfile intercepts that call (rough explenation here!)
3. POPfile uses the password and login ID to retrieve mail from the ISP mailserver
4. POPfile runs mail through Bayesian filters and learns as it goes along
5. It rewrites the headers (if set up to do so)
6. It presents the mail to the mail client
7. The mail client then examines the headers and removes the spam.

That's for a regular setup as far as I know. Mine is slightly different, since MWP sits between the mail client and POPfile, but you get the point, right?

Interesting concept to say the least and while you may not see immediate changes, over time more and more spam will be caught by your various filters.

It's not a solution for the spam problem itself, but it sure lowers the times you get irritated because of spam flooding the mailboxes.

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