Nightcourse in food ordering. Not!


I'm pretty much fucked. It's just a few minutes past 23h00 and I just walked over to the nearby frituur (what's that in english anyway? Fish 'n Chips shop?) and it was closed. The PizzaLine shop next to it : closed.

Walked back home. Online : PizzaPhone only delivers till 23h00, PizzaHut only delivers till 22h00. Seems like people don't have to eat at night. Crap, isn't there any 24/7 shop that delivers all day and night?

I guess I'll have to open the fridge - which is empty if I'm not mistaken - and the freezer and cook something up myself. No fun since I don't feel like cooking this late today... All I ever wanted was a simple taste quick meal. Which reminds me of the Quick Restaurant nearby : closes at 23h00. MacD a bit further : same shit.

I'm really disappointed in this "always on" modern world. Maybe you can be connected 24 hours a day, but what good is a tune in to the world when there is no one around to get you what you want or take your order? Oh fuck... I'll dig something up myself.


Well assuming it sells fish and chips then yes, it would be called a fish n' chip shop *nods*. Or possibly just a takeaway place.

One thing I like about this place, pizza places deliver til like 3 or 4 am. I don't normally eat the stuff (as I can make one much better myself) but there's nothing like Pizza Hut at 2 am when you've been out drinking :-D

Isn't there a night shop nearby? perhaps next time you could by a pack of those burgers you have to heat up in a microwave, then add some pickles, onions, ketchup, mayonaise (whatever you feel like lol) and ta dah... probably even better than from the Quick or McD. (and cheaper!)

But yes, you're right. It's impossible to find food past 11 pm on a week or Sunday night (sometimes on Fridays and Saturdays Kebab restaurants and french fry restaurants - for lack of better English word - will stay open till 4am or so)

Maybe you should move to another town? Here we have Jerusalem: open daily till 6 in the morning (everyday!).They don't deliver but they have excellant kebabs! And in Leopoldsburg there's 'frituur Swa' (=takeaway): known for his excellent fries till early morning.

... Jerusalem is really really a very excellent Israelian restaurant here in Hasselt (not only during the night). We must visit this place when you come over and visit us! Keep it in mind!

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