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I'm off to bed now, Joco's dropping off that faulty PC somewhere tomorrow around noon, so I gotta be up by then. On saturday I'm off to my dad's place, Dimi & Marianne will be there as well, so it'll be even more fun.

I'll be looking into that stubborn netbroadcast/movie network popup that keeps on appearing out of seemingly nowhere. I already googled for it, but it seems not much is known about it. I'll be taking all my tools with me though, and I think I should be able to trace some kind of process or network activity when it pops up.

It's certainly spy or malware, or maybe a browser hijack, but ad-aware doesn't seem to track it.

Update : Ad-Aware has a new reference file available. I'll update to that on saturday at my dad's PC. I also found information that Movie Networks and Netbroadcaster spy/malware is linked to dw.exe, which represents DownloadWare. Others report MediaLoads to also be tied to it. I'll have to search for those as well. You know what's also mentioned in regard to this new malware? Kazaa... but that doesn't suprise anyone, does it?

Links : Spyware test of the P2P Kazaa Media Desktop (in French)

1 Comment

Hi, I just found your comment, and i have the exact same problem here.. I just can't stop getting Ads.

If you find any solution for this, let me know, I would really appreciate it. THanks

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