That title is for dad :) I went over there yesterday and had a lovely evening - as usual. Dimi and I were on a roll concerning the use of Mozilla by my dad, and were cracking jokes related to Netscape and Moz all the time.

Anyway, we managed to restore some of his mail - let's not go into exactly why and how it all disappeared, but the long and confusing story includes the words Netscape 7.01, Mozilla, User, Uninstall, Install, Cache & Delete. After a wonderful meal at a restaurant called Oliver we headed back home and then tackled some other computer problems. While Dimi was working on Dad's PC, I was updating and checking the one of Hilda. Lots of patches installed on both of them.

We also ran some benchmark tests on dad's PC because it is so incredibly slugglish, and it turned out one of the harddisk is performing pretty bad. Well, maybe I should even avoid the word "perform". Dimi is convinced that's the bottleneck, so either swapping some drives or installing a new one will be the way to go. In the mean time we moved the swapfile to a faster disk so the overall access time should go down, and the beast should lose some of it's sluggishness.

Installed Opera - with a netscape skin - as well, and he'll be testing that one for a while, to see if he likes it more. While working on the various problem he told me that distinguishing links on my site was kinda hard as there wasn't enough color difference between text and links, and I turned off the standard underline for links.

Being considerate and open for positive criticism all the time, I started thinking about it. It's the first time I've heard the remark that my links were hard to notice, and it makes me wonder... did anyone else also have problems with it? Or maybe you didn't even know there were links in some of the posts at all? Maybe 75% of all my readers/visitors have not been able to find and follow the embedded links! Scary thought, so I decided to toy around with the CSS file a bit in order to find a nice balance between visuals and navigationability (is that even a word? If not, consider it patented now!)

Links that are unvisited, should be black and underlined. When hovering over a link with your mouse, it should turn blue-ish with both a line above and under it. Links you've followed before should almost blend into the text, with just a tiny color difference.

Comments on the new link setup are much appreciated!


The stickers arrived last Friday. Thanks they look great !

You're welcome, glad you enjoy them :)

I personally think all links everywhere should always be underlined. So many people have colour vision problems and colours render very differently on different monitors (seriously, what I see on mine is probably nothing like what you see on yours as I found out when I started loking at my pages up at University) that anything else is just begging for trouble.And it's the accepted standard and what people expect, so why muck around with anything different? Sure it may not look as wonderful in some cases, but useability is way more important. Your page is here to present information not look 'pretty'. So present it in the bestest and clearest way possible *nods*. I always try to use mouseover changes and title atributes on my a href things, although I don't always. I can get especially lazy with the titles which is bad cos that's an accessibilty issue as well as a useability one.

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