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Waking up and reading that your blog still is the slowest one to load compared to a bunch of other ones is quite a wake up call. Damn!

I did run some more tests and might have a few other tricks up my sleeve that don't affect the appearance or navigation for my readers. However, the biggest problem seems to be the sheer amount of data on it. I could cut back further on the number of posts that stay on the main page, but as I know that some people slack a few days and then suddenly catch up, that would spoil the experience for them. Maybe I should just write less? :)

Phyre Bitzsche, no I'm not a native English speaker, but I've chosen the english language because it does give me a larger possible audience, and because I consider it the most common language when it comes to internet and all things computer. Chinese and spanish are even more common, but unfortunately, I speak neither of them. This blog is a combination of the fact that I want that audience and at the same time am not repressed by it. I write exactly what I mean and don't hold back.

I could blog in Dutch as well - since that's my mothertongue - but I often know the word in english, whereas the word in dutch draws a big blank.


*giggle* Sorry :-D I did notice yesterday and today that it's faster though, and now that I have ADSL it's certainly not slow. I just think there's lots on here, and I know I get behind sometimes so I like that you keep lots here.

You were right though Shelley, so I worked on it a bit.

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