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I just requested more information regarding swapping the current electricity meter I've got for a new one. Taking the lower cost of "night time" electricity, the cost of replacement and the slightly higher annual fees into consideration, it should pay back itself in 5 years, which is not so bad.

That calculation is based on an unchanged energy profile, and switching to a supplier with lower annual fees. Let me try to explain with an example :

Cost for replacing the meter (all taxes included) : € 133
Additional yearly fee (supplier 1) : € 42
Benefit with lower energy cost : € 57

This means that by just switching the meter I'd get a net profit of € 15. Results is that in 10 years the replacement has paid itself. However, for another supplier the return is even better :

Cost for replacing the meter (all taxes included) : € 133
Additional yearly fees (supplier 2) : € 25
Benefit with lower energy cost : € 54

So in the last case I'd have a net profit of € 29 per year, which would bring the pay-backtime (or ROI for the management peeps) to slightly under 5 years.

While I was browsing around I also noticed that tax incentives are available for the installation of super-insulating glass and things like that. However, in order to be acceptable for these tax incentives, one needs to get an overall score of 2,0 W/(m2.K), or less.

Due to the fact that my windows are made out of aluminum - and probably are not constructed according to moderm insulation techniques - even by using 1.1 W/m2.K type glass, it would only bring me to 2,3 W/(m2.K). Which is still not enough for the incentives. I don't mind investing in the future and in saving energy, but there is only so much one can financially do.

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