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some functionality that I've been looking for for a while. Stumbled upon it thanks to Andrew who blogged about it.

Update : This function has been removed since it broke XHTML validation, and that's something I value rather high. Too bad. More info can be found below.

If you wanna check out his site, hit this : Smelly Caravan, and as you might have guessed, it has to do with the read more/less function and how it is read. Earlier on hitting read more brought you straight to the archive - a template that I should edit some day too - and it wasn't really nice. This is much better, the only thing that bothers me is the fact that when hovering over it, it still shows the javascript call itself instead of the description I coded. Javascript wizzards are free to give me a solution :)

Apart from that, it also breaks XHTML validation due to the fact that MT inserts a paragraph tag when it starts the extended section. Unless I can fix it, I will be pulling the function in a few hours/days, although it's pretty nice.


I noticed that it broke XHTML as well, although I wasn't using it in my site anyway... You might be interested in this link which has the original code intended for use with a couple of MT plugins... Perhaps with the use of the plugins XHTML validation might be possible? Incidentally I grabbed the code from this guy, who wrote it up in a blog after adapting it for use in MT.

Uhhh... You've got HTML in your comments turned off. here are those two links again:

1) http://www.grahamazon.com/glog/past/188/

2) http://www.curiousfrog.com/weblog/


Thanks Andrew... I already checked both sites yesterday as I was looking for a solution for the XHTML validity problem. :)

I might dig a bit deeper into the MT plugins, but it appears to be highly complex...

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