Maybe I was a bit too harsh a few posts back... I just returned from the bank, and they were able to execute my order for a money transfer abroad without any problem. Duh... I was suprised too :)

With that fixed, I can do other things now.

Note : Tine has won free stickers! It was indeed Tatu with 30 minut. Lovely song, if you don't know it do check it out.


Very good guess of Tine. Thought they sang in Russian during the Eurovision song contest. Ok, you had translated, we know people who are capable to translate a russian text don't we? Or was it the previous English song? Could be, because you did not add the musical notes to this page, LOL. My congratulations to Tine. I can assure her that the FK stickers are a real collection item!!


this is not the song that Tatu brought to Eurovision. This one is a track of their album "200km/hour in the wrong lane".

Yes, we know someone who fluently reads, writes and dreams in russian, but I think she's a bit too busy right now to do translations of songtexts :)

Thanks Dimi and I'm looking forward to find the stickers in my mail :-)


I've received your mail and the envelope with the stickers is sitting on my desk right in front of me. Address on it, stamp affixed and ready to throw in the mail tomorrow.

However, since monday is an Public Holiday, it'll probably be somewhere near the end of next week before they arrive.


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