How some people treat their PC. While I was attempting to copy the newest virus signatures to the harddisk, it turns out the floppy drive didn't work at all. I checked it and noticed the floppy cable (going from the motherboard to the floppydrive) was installed incorrectly. I can understand that floppy's are not used that much anymore, but hey... if you buy a computer, you test it, right?

It's not that this is such a brand new machine, but I doubt the cable could have swapped itself during it's lifetime. After toying around with it for a while I managed to copy the newest signatures to the harddisk. I also deleted all the apparent trojan files I could find and will now do a full system scan with an up to date scanner.

I know it might be useless since I'll end up formatting the complete thing anyway, but when I start resizing disks etc, I don't want any unwanted guests lurking around.

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