I am majorly fucked


Yesterday evening I noticed a bit of pain in my back, in the area of my right shoulderblade. It hurt, but wasn't too bad. I went to bed in the hope that a good rest would take care of it. When I woke up this morning, it turned out it wasn't gone, but not worse either.

Just a few minutes ago it has gone from a relatively minor pain to a "major pain in the ass" kind of pain, even though it's still located beside my right shoulder blade. Bye bye gentle throbbing pain, and welcome sharp pain that does not seem to be related to any movement. Taking deep breaths is difficult and results in an excruciating stab in my back. It almost feels like a nerve is stuck - and I know there is not much one can do about it.

I already tried stretching in the hope to "pop it out" but the only result was more pain and tears running down my cheeks. Maybe I should ask Joco to slam his fist in my back pretty hard as that might take care of it... well, at least it seems to me that would solve it, or has a chance of working out.

I believe that most people know their body best and in such a way I've healed all kinds of things without consulting a doctor, but this one I can't see, nor reach. Since I'm pretty visual and like to poke around when wounded - to asses the damage - this ache couldn't have been at a worse place.

Oh, and that PC arrived. Seems the cooler of the power supply is gone, but I was able to kickstart it with a little help. Off to check out what exactly is the problem with it.


call me if you need that slam :)

i'll let alex dance on it ;)

ROFL... I don't need to be killed though :)

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