I just got a reply concerning my reservation of two cages in the BFL ferret hotel for the 4 days I'll be in Durbuy : the hotel is fully booked for July!

Luckily, the owners know me very well and they might be able to host my fuzzies in their own livingroom. I gotta call them on friday to check with them.

Oh, I also got a confirmation that my purchase of the Dexia Invest Euro Bonds was completed. However, the deposit of cash I made at KBC - all coins - still has not been processed, and I wanted to use that to fund the purchase. Oh well, I made some cash today, still have some cash coming from Freddy, so in the end it'll be OK.

There are quite a few hefty bills coming up though this month, so I'll need to do some good managing to get and keep everything rolling.


Thank you for your very supportive comments on my Alphabet Summary of my Husband. At the time my feathers were quite ruffled lol!

Please drop by and visit me again, I will also be visiting your site regularly. I just love to see what people have to say but dont ever leave shitty comments, after all as you say quite correctly you write a blog for yourself, its always a bonus if you meet some nice people which I have done, so everything is cool for cats. Please guest yourself on my GuestMap if you haven't already, that would be really cool too.

Hope your day is going or has gone ok as Im not sure from what part of the world you are from.

In the meantime take care.
Lulu :)

Cool comment on Tattoos. You should check out my husband's page which is linked to mine, (Jay's Blog) he has some serious tattoos and is having a huge one done on his leg and he has posted pics of it during its progress. The tattoo artist is amazing and does such precise work and pays so much attention to detail. I have two so far and am planning to get one done on my ankle ouchy that is really supposed to hurt there, maybe I'll be able to get one of the numbing creams lol.

Keep visiting and take care
Lulu :)

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