Good news

I just got back from ABVV where I filled out some forms concerning my claim. They'll complete them, send them off to the curator who will slam his stamp on it, and then it'll be send off to "Fonds Sluiting Ondernemingen", so they can commence their investigations. All of that will probably take about one year.

While I was waiting for my tram to arrive, I suddenly heared someone knocking on the window of the tram that was right in front of me... Suprise, suprise! It was the "cute little wabbit" that is so hard to contact by phone. We tried conversating thru the window but that failed completely, and she said she'd call me. Well... I'll be waiting.

Maybe the both of us can meet up with Steph in Antwerp during the week. I'll give Steph a call tomorrow.

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