Fuck you BlogSnob!


I received this mail yesterday :


This is an automated notifier to tell you that a member of BlogSnob admin team has seen your page and reported it to us. Your page might have either violated the acceptance rules, or you have not displayed your ad on the page properly. Please note that you have to display your ad prominently on the page that you link to.

We recommend you to check the kind of sites that we accept at the following URL: http://blogsnob.idya.net/help.php?section=whatkind

Your Username: xxxx
Your URL: http://www.friedkitten.com?blogsnob
Your BlogSnob Id: xxxx

**NOTE**: If you have just joined Blogsnob, this message may mean the admin is waiting for you to put up your ad on the page.

If you think your site was put on hold unfairly, do reply, or post a message at the forums. We'll try to check it out immediately.

Also, check out the blogsnob website for the active Forum, and the sport that so many members indulge in, SnobJumping.

All this and more at the blogsnob site at http://blogsnob.idya.net

Let's keep the spirit of blogging alive!

The BlogSnob Team.

Well, this breaks my heart. I've been on the BS list for a loooong time. I've supported and helped out wherever I could, and then I get this as a reward? After over 2 years of being a member? My account info still seems to be in the BS database, but I've been removed off the userlist. I left a message in the BS forums, but really... I don't care anymore. If they want to go around and kick off random people - for reasons unlisted in the mail - they just go ahead. I'll gladly remove the BS ad then and wander off to more professional ventures.

It's been good but now I feel abused and kicked out like trash.

Note : You know what's funny? I'm still listed as an Official Agent of the BlogSnob Bureau in the forums. I really don't get it.


This reminds me of something yahoo did to me a while back. All of a sudden I couldn't use my account in chat and on messenger anymore. No explanation, no reason, nothing. after trying a million times to get into that stupid account I sent them a mail. apparently i had violated their terms of service... of course they didn't tell me HOW i had violated them. They would look into it and solve it asap. It's probably needless to say I still don't have access to that account. I can only check my mail and that's it... no chat, no games, nothing 'social'.

I have a friend who was turned down for blogsnob, oh ages ago, because she had two swear words on her page. I went and looked and their TOS was a lot stricter than when I'd joined (when it very first started) and indeed has something about 'adult content'. She wasn't even one of those people who swear a lot, she had just had this one bad day I think. Going by those standards I should never have been allowed in, and neither should most of the blogs I read that belong. I always thought it was an unrealistic standard to be setting.

If that would be the reason they are tossing me out, here's my answer : fuck them. Oops... now I'm doing it again :)

As we (or other sarcastic folk like myself) sometimes say in the states: "Watch your fucking language." ;-)

Hmm, from looking at the forum it looks like lots of people have this problem. Do they kick people out if your blog is down? Not so much that they decide to remove you that it might trigger an automatic something (I'm assuming they use some kind of bot or link checker for this theory). Cos maybe their bot or whatever checked when there was that fire, or something similar. It would at least explain why lots of people got the letter.

ServMe, I can understand the kind of setback this has given you. But, believe me, this was a mistake on the part of the robot that crawled your page.

And, in fact, your ad was "temporarily put on hold" and never "kicked out" from the service.

We have never offended you, and we would never want to. We'll be always grateful to you for your services for Blogsnob.

I apologize for all the inconvenience caused. I wish that you understand me, and continue to contribute to Blogsnob.

Thank you,
Kapil Mohan
Blogsnob Admin Team Member

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