Ok, as promised - but I really needed some sleep before I was up to writing all this - here's a wrap up of our Na Fir Bolg festival day.

Nadia picked me up around 12h00 on saturday and we headed off to Pulderbos where Dad & Hilda, Dimi & Marianne were already waiting. Zippo was around too of course. After a delicious brunch with fresh fruits, and all kinds of bread we headed off to the festival site around 13h00. When we arrived it was not that busy yet so after doing a quick round of the (small) festival area we secured a nice spot in the main square. Luckily I had packed some common festival thingies like fresh water, suncream, towel and such. That ensured we were able to sit our ass down and not be burned to death by the sun. Just as we arrived a group started playing and after they were done, it became very quiet.

About an hour later a small band played in the "pub" but it wasn't that good, and the main area had nothing but soundchecks. In fact, when we left again at 17h30 we had heard more soundchecks as music. For some reason the bands were programmed 1.5 to 2 hours apart from eachother, and that is way too long! We suspected a technical problem arose as well because one band played for about 5 minutes and then left the stage, never to return?

We went home, had something to eat - very yummy spaghetti - and talked about all kinds of things. Since I really wanted to see at least one or two more bands, Marianne, Dimi and I returned to the festival around 23h45 in the hope to see Jumbalaya play - a band with amongst others Nathalie Delcroix (La�s) and Ron Leuman (La�s & Kadril) - but when we got to the main stage, Danny Guinan had just started their set. They were programmed for 22h30 - talk about a delay!

We decided to stick around but around 01h30 we decided to leave again since the Irish bloke was still playing and even though some crew members that I asked about the scheduled time for Jumbalaya told me they'd be on around 01h00, this dude wasn't gonna quit any time soon. Bleh!

Let's see... we spent nearly 5 hours on the festival and we saw 1.5 bands. And the band that was probably the most interesting got moved back so much that it was almost impossible to stick around. Bad organization people, I'm sorry. Well, I know I enjoyed myself a bunch, but it could have been better, especially when it comes to music.

We might go to Folkwoods in Holland in august, but nothing is decided yet since it's in the same weekend as the Antilliaanse Feesten. Maybe we should do both festivals? ;)

Note : Oh... the pictures are up in the photo album Festivals & Events.


@ least we had a good guiness & Kilkenny red ! Luckely enough the most pleasant people I know were present so our day was not spoilled at all!!

We go for better > Folkwoods in the Dutch Mountains and maybe we should attend the Scottish weekend after all!

Count me in for the Scottish weekend if you're going. Don't know about the Dutch folk festival yet, though. When is that again?

Next time I should check the links before opening my mouth (or better: typing stupid questions). Unfortunately I can't go to folkwoods coz i'll be in Birmingham :D

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