Eyes wide shut


Phew. These IAM/BME BBQ meetings are hard on an old folk like me. I didn't sleep last night, so I just crashed for a couple of hours. I can't even remember the last time I got to see a sunset all the way from the beginning.

I'm off for a good shower now - although it's a bit hard since I noticed yesterday that the hose connecting the actual showerhead to the faucet seems to be broken, resulting in more water splahing elsewhere than on me. Oh well, I'll manage. Later on I'll be sorting to photo's of the meet - a 199 to be exact - and that's just the ones I took. It was wonderful, and every man or woman I've met there was just plain cool. It's a damn great bunch of people to hang out with.

Thanks fly out to Iori, Geert, Sybil, Patrick, Kristof, Ingrid, Bert, Hellbaby, Sam, Susanne, Marcel, Georges, Sleeve, and everyone else I can't remember right now. It was a blast!


nice to read that you have fun with other weirdo's ;)

Another example of how tough life can be! Or is it: how old we get? LOL
Don't they say life begins at 40? Or is it 30? ;-)

Cool, can't wait to see the pics. and er... aren't you as old as you feel? besides, seeing a sunset is nothing. try going to the market right before you go to sleep hehehe ;)

grrr... change sunset to sunrise... i really do need a new brain

Can't wait to see the pictures al 199 of them ;-)

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