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I just finished watching Bowling for Columbine and it was some sort of an eye opener. I already knew that most European and American people look at the world differently, but while watching the documentary/movie, I think I also have learned why exactly these differences exist.

I don't believe in news stories beautifying certain facts, or not reporting on the things that go on, but every story has different sides. And to me - in the perspective of a relatively smart white european male - it seems most American media show the bad things, the crimes, the violence and the hatred. No wonder everybody is scared and petrified and running around almost being a nerveous wreck. Give those people guns and accidents, violence and murder are bound to happen. There seems to be no alternative for whatever seed is planted into the heads of the mass.

Education takes time and effort. Educate yourself, think for yourself and question whatever you're being told. Switch to foreign TV stations and look at the world from a different stance. It'll probably open your eyes, and once you know 'the truth is out there" you'll be wanting to know it from that point on.


Can I borrow that movie? I think it's a must to see that one, no? Indeed, the more you get to know other people (other cultures), the more you realize how crazy everybody (and the world) is!

Hmm. I don't think I run around scared and petrified and a nervous wreck at all. Hell, I don't even lock the doors half the time. Living at my parent's house, we had several shotguns, bb guns, and pellet guns. We never felt the need to use them, in fact they sat around gathering dust in the utility room, only put to use to get rid of the occasional racoon that was making a serious nuisance of itself. My brother and I were taught how to maintain and fire a gun around the age of 9, but we would never have DARED to use them without the supervision of our parents. Just my .02!

Ash... you are not an average american, are you? The news and media are making sure John Doe is scared, and you don't sit at home watching the news running scared.

You are out, working and listening to NPR. And that equals education yourself... why do you think we get along that well?

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