End-user support? Yikes!


Fuck... I just got a call from that man where I was last friday to answer his PC related questions and solve his problems. Apparently, he made the same mistake as last time and forgot to open the connection and now he's complaining that he can't surf or send out mails. It doesn't suprise me, you know?!

He claims to receive a "unknown username or password" when connecting, but I already checked his ISP status page and they don't list any problem. He also told me that he bought a new printer/scanner combo on saturday and he "managed to install it for 80% or so, but then something went wrong" so that might be fun too.

Anyway, I'm off to his place to check out the problem. Too bad the weather sucks bigtime today, I'll probably drown myself on the way over there.


You know the guy who was stalking me @ the festival? This 'pipo' got himself in deep shit by formatting his backup-drive! He bought OS X for Mac (without asking any advise), he actually made a backup (! wow !) on his Lacy drive first prior to format his whole hard disk to install OS X. He succeeded to press 'next' using the wizards from OS X and indeed finally OS X was installed. Then the first helpdesk problems arrived:

1) Saterday morning: Recieved a telephone call from him before we I went to the festival. I told him that OS X is a complete new kind of Operating System for Mac (not comparable with the OS 9.x series) and the software he used to work with does NOT work under OS X but in a Virtual Machine Environment with OS 9 installed. I also mentioned that he has to look into his manual how to setup internet. And finally I told him: "I will not be availlable the whole weekend!"

2) Saterday morning on my way to festival. Second call from the guy -> I did not answer

3) Saterday round noon -> Third call -> I did not answer

4) Saterday in the afternoon -> Fouth call -> I did not answer

5) Sunday in the afternoon I checked my GSM -> I missed two calls from him -> I did not answer

6) Monday morning 10:00 again him -> I was not home -> So I did not answer

7) Came back and called the guy myself, in between he has send me an email using his dad's PC and called me once again, a call which I did not answer (!). I listened to his problems:

a) he could not find the properties to install a proxy server to get onto the internet. I told him to look into the manual -> wow, indeed there it is!! Thanks Dimi he said.

b) he told me OS X could not find the Lacy drive (on which he backupped his data). So he formatted the drive!! LOL no I must go there for recovering stuff!!

c) Ok his dad will provide some wine if I want to go and help his poor son.

Jeezes, how smart can one get hehehe :)

Oh yes, I didn't drown today, just got my embrella on time.

Whahahahaha... I'm glad he formatted the drive actually. Saves you a lot of work and now he can install and run OS X without any problem. After all, it's not like he still has OS 9 software to run, does he? :)

Of course the poor guy still needs OS 9 to run 100% of his applications. So it's like: "Mommy, Dady, may I buy this new OS? it has got this great new functionalities!" Mom & Dad say:" Ok son, here is the money". Than the poor fellow installs it and has to admit he does not know what he has bought! So now I can go there and install OS 9 under OS X so he can access his old applications. I don't think we will be able to recover his data after he formatted his backup files! :)

PS: Why am I thinking about dilbert right now? www.dilbert.com

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