Ello world?

Long didn't the rain pour down - about 15 to 20 minutes I estimate - but over the night I managed to get the temperature down at least one degree. Not much, but the ferrets love it, and it's not all that warm outside this morning either.

What are my plans for this week? Good question, but I can't answer it just yet. It's still a bit too early for my liking but I got called by some telemarketeer around 09h25 that wanted to send somebody over to sell me some investement opportunity. 3 unwanted telemarketeering calls in 4 days, I sure hope they're not becoming the new spam.

Gotta do my unemployment things on wednesday, on saturday there's the (big) first BME/IAM BBQ and the rest of the week is pretty much undecided so far. I might start developing some domains I've still got pointing all over the globe, but that's just a far shot. There are a few bills to be paid and some things to check on.

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