Just received a note from my host that everything has been moved to the new server, and I must say, it also feels blazing fast. One thing that concerns me though is that suddenly 70MB of extra diskspace is being used. I had about 50MB left according to control panel on the old server, and now I'm at -20MB which might mean I've used too much. I'll open a helpdesk ticket to see what's up with that.

I've slept about 5 hours or so after playing C&C Generals will 03h45... I really should know better :)

Update : I cursed myself and attracted Murphy I think. I wrote the above post and promptly disappeared from my screen. I think it might be DNS propagation slowly moving through the internet. I just updated the DNS servers to reflect changes too. Patience might be a solution here.

Update 11h15 : the problem is not caused by DNS propagation. After publishing a post, the index file became 0kb instead of somewhere in the range of 55kb. This effectively disabled posting for me - for now.

Update 12h22 : Third helpdesk ticket opened. Gallery throws a fit as well about not having permissions to open certain functions when opening or deleting albums. The Gallery FAQ has a section regarding this issue :
4.32: Why do I get this error: Warning: fopen(".../albums/team/album.dat.lock","a+")?

This typically happens when your ISP makes a change in your environment (like upgrading PHP or moving things around) without telling you about it. In a nutshell, some of Gallery's files wind up being owned by the wrong user and their permissions become set such that Gallery can no longer write to them. I've never found this to be the result of a bug in Gallery. To fix this, you can change the permissions on your Gallery data files so that Apache can read the files again. This should only happen on Unix. If you have shell access, you can fix it like this:

% cd /path/to/albums
% cd ..
% chmod -R 777 *

If you don't have shell access, you will probably need to ask your ISP for help.

Update 13h34 : 2 hours and 15 minutes after the first - low priority - ticket concerning the diskspace I have yet to receive the first reply to any of the three tickets. Ticket 2 & 3 have been filed with medium priority. If I don't get any reply to either I'll be filing a new ticket around 15h00 with a high priority. It's also *very* quiet in the forums, which makes me believe they are pretty busy with something. I can only hope thay are resolving my problems.

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