Disco Revival?


As I was watching Frasier tonight, one of the commercial breaks the TV station always throws in was about the movies they'll be broadcasting during the month July.

Footloose, Grease, Flashdance, I'm already looking forward to it! If they'd play La Bamba as well I'd be even happier. Can you tell I like 70'ties music and disco? Later this year another Studio 54 party will be going on in Antwerp, maybe this time people will actually feel like going? Who knows...

So, what's your favorite movie? And what disco track will make you move all the time?


i'm looking forward to seeing all those movies again too. Grease stays great, no matter how often you see it and the others are definitely classics with great title songs. I'm pretty sure Marianne wants to see all those movies again too.
as for disco track that makes me move... hmm, tough one... i guess the grease compilation that they usually play at parties. (you know, the one with almost all the great songs in it) But the others are good too. Hard to choose lol

what's the 'studio 54' thingy ? i luurve 70/80s music - i've burned several cds of 70/80s dance music - much to the twat's chagrin :)

Stayin' Alive by the BeeGees! How can you NOT dance when you hear that song??? Or most any song by the BeeGees for that matter?

As for favorite movies, I'd give Donnie Darko, Amelie, and Kung Pow top billings right now, but that's sure to change.

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