Crisis under control for now


Happy just suffered from quite a serious attack about an hour ago. I had just given him his medication and about 10 minutes later it started. As soon as I noticed the first signs I picked him up, tried calming him down and feed him sugar to get the level of sugar in his blood back up, but it only got worse. Even while I was holding and comforting him, he totally panicked and showed signs of epilepsy.

During one of the attacks he bit my finger and didn't let go. I remained calm and was able to get my finger back without too much damage done. As I obviously couldn't get him to calm down - my presence even seemed to scare him - I put him back in his cage where he continued to jump and bounce against the walls in a state of panic. Although it might seems harsh to put him there, it was the best solution : he can't injure himself too much there, and it's a surrounding he knows very well. After about 5 to 10 minutes the extra sugar I gave him started kicking in and he calmed down quite a bit.

In the mean time I had prepared a mixture of raisins, ferretone and sugared water to give him an extra boost, and when I put that in the cage he started eating it immediately. I changed his food and bottle of water and now he seems to be fine.

Even though the past few weeks have been very good, a crisis like this reminds me that he is still sick, and will never recover from it. Such is life I presume. During the time he has left, I can and will take care of him in the best possible way.

Update 01h23 : Happy just had another serious attack a few minutes ago. This time after he ate a raisin. I really don't know if I can handle this much longer. If he's in pain, I'll take the decision I don't like taking, but which is best for him.


damn sorry to hear he's still not getting good.
even if it's a hard decision for you, it might be the best solution for him...

Oh, my what a hard time for you and your ferret. Your story makes me wanna cry already (always been a sensitive person where animals are involved). I hope Happy is not too much in pain and that you may keep him a little while longer!! But if Happy has a lot of pain, I believe it is indeed better to let him suffer no longer! What does the veterinary say about the situation?

She told me after he had his operation that it would only buy him some more time.

The insulinoma he is suffering from is basically a type of cancer, but very hard to remove. When removing the larger parts, the small (almost invisible) cells just start growing, thus within a few months the same condition can occur.

Sometimes the operation buys 3 months, sometimes 6 or a year.

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