I just got a mail that I exceeded my monthly download volume of 15GB, and it's only the 19th. They capped my connection to 64kpbs now, and it shows.

I guess I'll have to buy a damn volume pack for an additional 5GB.


stop leeching all that porn
and start copying them for me ;)

Lol... you know what's funny? I don't even know what I grabbed that was so big. I did download some updates for various programs, and upped all those pics etc, but still... It's weird.

Hello mate!

You spend to much time on the web. I with all my downloads including the many downloads of the pics area of have a merely 3 GB up till know ;)

Guess you need a flat fee account. Maybe we can do a deal. I stil have this EASYNET account you know ;) I am going to send you a mail :)

Hey, craptastic is my word...

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