Counting down

About 3 more hours before I'm picked up by HighLevel to go the the first IAM/BME BBQ in Lokeren. I'm a bit excited by it all... this is after all the first ever meet in Europe as far as I know, and there'll be Belgian folks, some Dutch folks and maybe even a few Germans will come over.

Should be a very nice collection of freaks :) I've packed my digital cam, spare battery, spare flash card so I think I'm sort of prepared for it. If you look at it objectively, it's all very strange. I've already met some of the fellow body modification enthousiasts in the USA and Canada, but never met the Belgian and Dutch people IRL before.

I don't know what exactly will be the program once we arrive, but I suppose it'll consist in "hang out, have a good time" mostly. I think some pullings, suspensions and some play piercing sessions are planned as well. Interesting.

I'll be reappearing on this blog late tonight, or somewhere during the day tomorrow.

Note : This is entry #1200 on - and after passing a 13.000 unique visitors mark in November 2002, we'll be passing the 18.000 unique visitors mark in about 2 weeks. Up to 20.000 we go!

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