Bugbear strikes again - Part B


Apparently a new version of the 2001 W32/Bugbear-A has struck under the name W32/Bugbear-B (creative naming?). Bugbear-A was reported to be responsable for 17.5% of all infections in 2002, so don't get any funny thoughts about this new (and improved) version.

Update your Anti virus software now, log on to the Microsoft Update website now and install those hundreds of patches that you didn't know where there, or didn't think were important.

This bear is sneaking into your system by exploiting a flaw that has been patched on March 29, 2001 - which according to me means that if you still haven't patched your system, it's entirely your mistake. Yes, IT and computers is just a tad bit more than games and surfing porn - although those are two major parts of IT, I agree.

Want to add another layer of protection before that nasty virus can hit your mailbox? Install the trial of MailWasher Pro - download right here and testdrive it for 30 days. Afterwards you can do whatever you want with it, but it could give you that extra line of defence you do need right now.

Unless of course you want to remain an uneducated fool that actually doesn't care if his machine sends out viruses to hundreds, if not thousands of other people. In that case, you should be shot on sight. And yes, I'm being serious.


In our mail server's log we only today received allready 11 times and it is only 11:43 AM now. I informed our personel on time yesterday when the first virus entered a mailbox. Luckely nobody opened the attachment. And indeed I am happy we are using Lotus Notes with a powerfull Domino Server with scanner software from Network Associates (McAffee virusscan for Domino).

PS: In outlook / outlook express clients you must be extremely carefull as the virus can be activated if you have a preview window.

PS: Seems I am allways days behind with my comments. LOL

Doesn't matter Dimi... you're funny :)

And that preview function of outlook/express is exactly the reason I was suggesting MWP to people.

Even if you preview in MWP, it doesn't load images and everything is loaded as plain text, no macro's, executables and such. Let's you safely look at a mail and decide on whether it's safe to process or not.

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