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Seems like BlogSnob is back and admitted a technical problem.

ServMe, I can understand the kind of setback this has given you. But, believe me, this was a mistake on the part of the robot that crawled your page.

And, in fact, your ad was "temporarily put on hold" and never "kicked out" from the service.

We have never offended you, and we would never want to. We'll be always grateful to you for your services for Blogsnob.

I apologize for all the inconvenience caused. I wish that you understand me, and continue to contribute to Blogsnob.

Thank you,
Kapil Mohan
Blogsnob Admin Team Member

Thanks for clearing that one up! I'm a happy camper again.

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Thank you for accepting my apology over the whole issue. As you can see on the boards, I have restored your weblog back into the network.

However, when I come to think of a reason as to why the bot crashed, I think that your weblog itself gives the clue... it loads too slowly mate! The bot times out in 30 seconds and reports an "ad code not found" message. Am I working with right leads??

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