Boa vinda a um dia novo


Eu n�o sei se este puder ser considerado um come�o bom com respeito �s plantas para hoje, mas eu sou fora de minha cama. Ocupe-se de voc�, mim n�o me disse estava acordado. Fora de para come�ar algo comer e come�ar ent�o trabalhar. Adeus!

PS : Eu pretendi realmente fazer a entrada de hoje no latin, mas n�o pude encontrar um tradutor capaz de fazer uma coisa como aquele direita afastado. Assim eu estabeleci-me para portugese. Sorte boa:)


Say again?

Lol Marianne - Tip :

This is a rough translation - but it seems to have lost some meaning after a few translations :)
I do not know if this could be considered a good start with respect to the plants for today, but I am I am of my bed. One occupies of you, me did not say me was waked up. It are of starting something to eat and to start then to work. Good bye!

PS: I really intended to make the entrance of today in latin, but I could not find a translator capable to make a thing as that moved away right. Thus I established myself for portugese. Good luck:)
Anyway, you get the idea I guess!

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