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Just got a call from someone who knows someone that has a lot of PC problems right now. As far as I can tell right now, the machine seems to have been hacked severely, additional accounts have been installed and files and documents altered.

In addition to that, some hardware problems have shown up as well, but I'm not yet convinced that both of these things are related to eachother. It is a possibility, but I'm thinking coincidence.

I'll receive the box on thursday probably and take a look at it and see what the best way of dealing with it is. First mission will be to create a safe backup - the owner already made one he claims, but making backups from an infected machine is not really smart - and then decide the actual amount of damage done.

Going on the data I've got right now, I'll probably reinstall the machine and run benchmarks and stress tests on it to figure out if there are indeed hardware problems involved as well. If so, it's up to the owner to decide what he wants to do.

And the worst thing is that the user will have learned nothing from all the good advice several people have been giving him over the years. I'm a nice guy and willing to help everyone out - once, within limits - but I refuse to work for ignorant people that don't want to learn. They're out on their own.

I often hear that I'm paranoid and too strict. But I see machines biting the dust on a regular base, and mine is usually not one of them.


Not the W32/[email protected] virus again? Only today the server of my work has been attacked with the virus for 23 times!! as advice for everyone who got stuck with the virus. You will find the removal tool here.

If you're interessed I can send you the logging by e-mail. This is something to put on your site maybe to make sure that people actually see how aggressive a virus can be.

Hope to informed everybody well about the seriousness of the situation. I hope the ignorant one's read my comment!!

It could be BugBear-B, but I can't tell right now. However, the problem has escalated way beyond a "simple" infection. I tend to believe trojans have been installed and the PC was severely messed with.

The Matrix Reloaded, hmmmm, went to see it...
And truly felt annoyed when I left the cinema.
I truly worship the first one, but this sequel,
god, very poor story line, too many special
effects (done by artifical humans) and the ending
*grrrrr* "CONTINUE NEXT NOVEMBER 2003" as if I
will remember until than what the 2nd episode
was all about!?!

BTW, if you wanna see a very good movie in the
true style of the matrix -> EQUILIBRIUM (I truly
liked the gun katta's and christian bale)

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