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Even though I went to bed quite late - my time shedule is once more messed up - I managed to get up early. I added more captions and photographs, bringing the total to 4 albums and 377 photographs.

Currently online : IAM/BME Trembling in Tweed BBQ (when I was in Canada) - IAM/BME Meet on June 7th 2003 (last weekend) - Dad's birthday 2003 - Vossemeren 2003.

I should also add the Finland photographs but... they're not on this computer! I think they are still on the harddisk of the old one, and I don't feel like getting the drive out and attach it to this box. I might have them on CD somewhere though, but I'm not certain. If I find them, I'll add them.

Note : I just found a CD containing the photographs of the trip to London Joco & I made in 2001 - Visiting Pascale. That one will be next.


I would love to see your online photo's. maybe it will brighten up my day :)

Am I a regular reader enough to receive your mail within 24 hours? I'm already waiting ...
Is that white bunny on your dad's birthday included?

Please please please ... I think your site is great and I just wanted to buy some of those shorts, pity your shop closed just now. Ok, I admit it, I am very curious about the pics.

I've been watching your pics for about an hour (haven't seen them all yet, too many pics). It was fun, anyway! At least I know now what BME stands for, watched them all out of curiosity! Saw a few more nice pictures of you, you should link them on the site! Had much fun - again - with the family related ones! LOL

I just added the Finland pictures as well :) Even more pictures to watch Marianne...


Thanks for the extra pics! Nice ones from Finland (never saw them before - at least not that I recall, but that could be my short memory)! Nice pics of the 'weirdo gang' in Canada too! Did you do something there, besides staying in that motelroom?


Yes, the Trembling in Tweed BBQ Meet was the reason I was in Canada. So the motel pictures are just before and after the event pics.

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